xVideoServiceThief Wikipedia – What is xVideoServiceThief

xVideoServiceThief Wikipedia is the place where you’ll find out all the information regarding the software. Developed in 2008 by XESC & Technology, xVideoServiceThief is a video downloading software that lets you download videos from various online sites. From YouTube to Dailymotion, there’s an array of websites that this software supports. You won’t have to download YouTube videos with the “ss” method anymore. You can just download YouTube videos with one click. Apart from video downloading service, this software also lets you convert the downloaded or yet to be downloaded videos into your desired format.    

What is xVideoServiceThief

xVideoServiceThief has a simple user interface and all the instructions are very much clear. For downloading your desired video, you’ll just need to enter its URL in the URL box. After you hit enter and begin the download process, you’ll be able to see the download progress in real time. You can also go to settings and change it as per your needs. Altering settings can sometimes increase your bandwidth speed. So if you want to download online videos in high quality at super high speed, xVideoServiceThief is the software you need to install right now from here http://xvideoservicethief.org/.

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xVideoServiceThief Wikipedia

xVideoServiceThief Wiki – Features

Supports Tons of Websites

You won’t have to download Video Downloading Softwares for each and every website or platform i.e. no need to download YouTube downloader for YouTube and Dailymotion downloader for Dailymotion. You can download videos from all the major websites with the help of this one Software.

Pause, Resume and Stop

If you’ve got some urgent task to be completed while the video is being downloaded, you can pause the download and resume it later when you’re not using the bandwidth. So neither your download will get hindered nor the task. Also, if you want to stop a download before it’s completed, you can do so by clicking the stop button.

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Supports Various Languages

Currently, there is a total of 14 languages that xVideoServiceThief supports. SO if you’re someone who’ not comfortable with English, you can go for your native language.

Child Protection

If you want to protect your child from downloading any adult or unwanted stuff that he’s not supposed to, you can select the child protection feature and stop him from downloading it.

Convert Videos to Desired Format 

This is the most noticeable feature of xVideoServiceThief. This app not only offers video downloading but also, video converting. Video converting means that you can convert your downloaded videos to whatever format you want to. This feature is helpful if you want to play your downloaded videos on your mobile or some platform that requires a different format. You can not only convert the downloaded videos but also set the default format while downloading. This will by default download the video in the format that you want.

xVideoServiceThief is available for MAC, Windows, and Linux. You can use it to download YouTube videos, download Dailymotion videos or download videos from any other site that offers online video streaming. So this was a short xVideoServiceThief wiki with all the information that will help you access this software.